Langkawi eagle hunts a big lizard in KL Malaysia! “The Golden Peninsula” (Ep 16)

Who knows how they teach and train birds for these kinds of shows?! is there any international animals right monitoring institutes to control this kinds of bird shows in the world?! I only can wish that they never use violence techniques to teach them!

I had some different species of parrots when I was teenager and I can say that they are pretty playful animals; based on my personal experiences. So maybe they themselves like to act and play in these shows 🙂

Eating lunch with bird together in KL Bird Park! “The Golden Peninsula” (Ep 15)

I was walking in Kuala Lumpur bird park but after a while I feel that all the bird are the same and they are look like KFC! that was the moment that I understood I’m hungry 😀

so I went to this restaurant on bird park!

The most weird birds in the world! “The Golden Peninsula” (Ep 14)

There is millions of different bird species all around the world with have different structures and it shows that there is millions of ways to fly! but some of them are not flying, and it shows that some times there is no way to fly 😀

In this Episode of my Travel Show, I’ll show you some amazing unique birds which you can visit in Kuala Lumpur bird park! don’t miss this weird birds 😉