tropical foods, fruits & drinks “The Golden Peninsula” (Ep 8)

every thing in this street market was delirious, but as a tip, always have a bottle of water with you when you want to taste new thing. some times you really need some water as chaser

Coliseum cafe & cinema “The Golden Peninsula” (Ep 7)

I love such places!

the old classic places such as Coliseum cafe and Cloliseum cinema have some strong feeling of presence! presence of the soul of those great artist who had been there.

even I feel that the chairs and tables are talking in such places and telling stories about the past hundred years!


gambling and opium smoking center! “The Golden Peninsula” (Ep 6)

Kuala Lumpur was the meeting point of east and west and this is secret of KL attraction. Malaysia was the biggest trading hub and the meeting place of different cultures, religions, languages and so on. But as a side effect, most international trading centers -not only in the past, but also theses days- became an spot for entertainment.

KL was not excepted too. Bunch of opium smoking houses and gambling halls had been there around the main downtown square.