The Golden Peninsula (Trailer)

This is the trailer of my amazing travel show about Malaysia! called “The Golden Peninsula” which is an old title of Malaysia. They call it “The Golden Peninsula” because Malaysia was the mach point between east and west, and it was a center for trading and cultural transition.

Just keep in mind that the text “coming soon” at the end of this trailer is related to 2017. You can watch over that 30 episodes of this travel show today!

Sangak Bread (from the series, “I Love IRAN”)

Carbohydrates are the main human nutrition and each country uses a type of them as the main carbohydrate source. The main carbohydrate sources are Bread, Potato & Rice and the most common carbohydrate source in Iran is bread.

This episode is about Sangak which is categorized as a type bread, but it is absolutely something above it! Sangak is a traditional Iranian bread which is find only in Iran and have an amazing method of cooking!

It’s time to watch this magnificent travel show about Sangak and never forget to show magnificent things to your friends too 😉