Iranian traditional wash-house! (from the series, “I Love IRAN”)

as the tour guide told us; this traditional wash-house is unique! and you can see it only in IRAN!
I really enjoyed this amazing washing system! hope you like it too.
by the way, I’m ready to answer your questions about my travel shows on YouTube.

Iranian traditional hotel, Dadaman! (from the series, “I Love IRAN”)

For many years Zanjan, (Iran) had no traditional hotel but hopefuly these days they renovate a historical home belongs to 200 years ago and converted it to a traditional hotel.

This episode is about my meeting with my school friend in this hotel and have some moments in that amazing traditional atmosphere. Hope you enjoy it.

Walking on an out of order suspension bridge in IRAN! (from the series, “I Love IRAN”)

Yes! It is a true story!

We went there and passed the bridge and when we returned we found out that there is a broken notice board in front of the bridge which says that the bridge is out of order and some repairs are needed 😀

How do you feel if it happen to you?

Note: This bridge called Pir Taghi and located in Ardabil province. This it google map location of this bridge.