Leopards can walk in canopy walkways! “The Golden Peninsula” (Ep 22)

As I searched in the internet, one of the usage of canopy walks is; to be safe from wild animals! I told this one on the narration of this video as well but now I’m thinking about leopards! Leopards can climb up trees and can walk in canopy walkways!

dinosaurs and monkeys, similarities & differences! “The Golden Peninsula” (Ep 21)

have you ever think that what is the differences between monkeys and dinosaurs?! well, they have lots of differences, but what is the similarities?

most probably you must watch this episode of my travel show “The Golden Peninsula” to find the similarities 😉

How to survive by the miracle of the nature! “The Golden Peninsula” (Ep 20)

Being in a forest is extremely dangerous, but you can survive if you know how to protect yourself!  How to find food, how to stay away from animals, how to keep yourself clean and warm.

In this episode, our tour guide who is a local person from Taman Negara National Park teach us how to eat poisonous potato, how to cook in a bamboo, how to hunt birds, and so on!

this episode is highly recommended! don’t miss it!