Iranians hide meat under the rice in the restaurants! (from the series, “I Love IRAN”)

One of my passion is cooking and I start coking since I was ten, not because I loved it, but because my mother was sick! But now I really love it 🙂 Iran is one of the countries which have variety of different lovely foods which most of them are really complicate too cook 😀

shekare ahoo Playing Persian song in IRAN! (Alto sax: Mate Kava)

yes! I love music and I play some songs some times. I always try to play new melodies, but I don’t have enough time 🙂 so I added just one new song in my repertoire each year 😀 in 2012 I added this Persian song called “shekare ahoo” hope you enjoy it 😉

Sank home behind Saqalaksar dike in IRAN! (from the series, “I Love IRAN”)

I heard a lot about a sank home behind Seqalaksar dike in Iran, but I have never believed it before I went there and I saw it by my eyes! It is really a villa which sank, but I’m not sure who and why built that. as I know it’s forbidden to built near to the nature. so maybe it’s just a tourist attraction 😉