traditional guest house in Zanjan, Iran, called “DADAMAAN” is amazing! With Persian music, setar!

I had a road trip to Zanjan to produce travel show of a food festival and i found out this amazing hotel I hove lots of other videos of this hotel to use on my travel show, but this simple cell phone made clip is amazing too!

Sangak Bread (from the series, “I Love IRAN”)

Carbohydrates are the main human nutrition and each country uses a type of them as the main carbohydrate source. The main carbohydrate sources are Bread, Potato & Rice and the most common carbohydrate source in Iran is bread.

This episode is about Sangak which is categorized as a type bread, but it is absolutely something above it! Sangak is a traditional Iranian bread which is find only in Iran and have an amazing method of cooking!

It’s time to watch this magnificent travel show about Sangak and never forget to show magnificent things to your friends too 😉