street music played by blind musicians at petronas metro station “The Golden Peninsula” (Ep 10)

Metro stations named by the point about them but you loss lots of things in between by that name! In this episode I’ll show you the facts which are exist between twin towers metro station and twin towers!

traditional guest house in Zanjan, Iran, called “DADAMAAN” is amazing! With Persian music, setar!

I had a road trip to Zanjan to produce travel show of a food festival and i found out this amazing hotel I hove lots of other videos of this hotel to use on my travel show, but this simple cell phone made clip is amazing too!

remote control train “The Golden Peninsula” (Ep 9)

it was a big shock for me to see that there is no cab cabin in that train I afraid a bit, but when I saw people running in to the train I did the same 😀 the cab point of view was amazing! you can watch it on this episode!