Kuala Lumpur twin towers Terrorist attack “The Golden Peninsula” (Ep 11)

who knows! maybe one day the spots we visit as high teach places became historical ancient spots for tourists. Most probably Petronas Twin Towers will be a spot like Pisa tower a couple of century later.

by the way, have you ever heard about terrorist attack to Kuala Lumpur twin towers?! it happened once. at least they had one report of terrorist alarm.

remote control train “The Golden Peninsula” (Ep 9)

it was a big shock for me to see that there is no cab cabin in that train I afraid a bit, but when I saw people running in to the train I did the same 😀 the cab point of view was amazing! you can watch it on this episode!

Cheap digital accessories! “The Golden Peninsula” (Ep 3)

Well, honestly I’m not a fan of digital accessories but I have to use many of them and follow the latest news about, because I’m a travel show producer. Cameras, lenses, sound recorders and lots of other staffs which use in producing travel shows are digital.

This episode is about a digital accessories shopping center in Kuala Lumpur called “Low Yat Plaza”