kayaking! even travelers do sport! I did kayaking in Kiashahr, IRAN!

I love sports and in the past I was mostly biking and I was traveling with bike, but it’s some years that I’m kayaking. some how, I used my legs in the past and I use my arms now 😀

In this video I really amazed by the beauty of Kiashahr lagoon in IRAN! and I love to paddle there again and again 🙂


Persian music with saxophone alto, played by Mate Kava in Iran, next to Caspian sea! (shekare ahoo)

I’m not good at music but when I was at high school i had a fantasy of traveling to different countries with my saxophone and play different local songs with that 😆

Leopards can walk in canopy walkways! “The Golden Peninsula” (Ep 22)

As I searched in the internet, one of the usage of canopy walks is; to be safe from wild animals! I told this one on the narration of this video as well but now I’m thinking about leopards! Leopards can climb up trees and can walk in canopy walkways!