Soltaniyeh, Metropolitan Archbishops of Soltania (from the series, “I Love IRAN”)

Zanjan is my father city and I had visited Soltaniyeh Dome many times since my childhood, but there is lots of information which I never knew about it!

I had no idea that Oljaitu the king, who ordered the dome have died two years after finishing of the castle when he was 34, and the building processes takes 10 years. It means that he ordered the building when he was 22!

Oljeitu was baptised as a Christian and received the name Nikolya (Nicholas) after Pope Nicholas IV. During his youth he converted to Buddhism and later to Sunni Islam along with his brother Ghazan. He later converted to Shi’a Islam after coming into contact with Shi’a scholars.

he was like an spring bird!


traditional guest house in Zanjan, Iran, called “DADAMAAN” is amazing! With Persian music, setar!

I had a road trip to Zanjan to produce travel show of a food festival and i found out this amazing hotel I hove lots of other videos of this hotel to use on my travel show, but this simple cell phone made clip is amazing too!

Coliseum cafe & cinema “The Golden Peninsula” (Ep 7)

I love such places!

the old classic places such as Coliseum cafe and Cloliseum cinema have some strong feeling of presence! presence of the soul of those great artist who had been there.

even I feel that the chairs and tables are talking in such places and telling stories about the past hundred years!