tropical foods, fruits & drinks “The Golden Peninsula” (Ep 8)

every thing in this street market was delirious, but as a tip, always have a bottle of water with you when you want to taste new thing. some times you really need some water as chaser

Coliseum cafe & cinema “The Golden Peninsula” (Ep 7)

I love such places!

the old classic places such as Coliseum cafe and Cloliseum cinema have some strong feeling of presence! presence of the soul of those great artist who had been there.

even I feel that the chairs and tables are talking in such places and telling stories about the past hundred years!


shortcut longer than road! “The Golden Peninsula” (Ep 5)

have you ever passed though a shortcut when you are in a hurry? we did it to reach to our free downtown tour on time, but could you guess that what happened? maybe you think that we missed the tour! but you are wrong 🙂 maybe you think that we reach there on time! but you are wrong again 😀

the only way to find it out is watching this episode of my travel show “The Golden Peninsula”. we passed trueKasturi walk as the shortcut 😀