Iranians hide meat under the rice in the restaurants! (from the series, “I Love IRAN”)

One of my passion is cooking and I start coking since I was ten, not because I loved it, but because my mother was sick! But now I really love it 🙂 Iran is one of the countries which have variety of different lovely foods which most of them are really complicate too cook 😀

Durian, the most smelly fruit in the world! “The Golden Peninsula” (Ep 12)

Most probably you heard about Durian, the most smelly fruit in the world!

Yes, it is really smelly. Smells like rotten onion, or rotten chicken but it was NOT something that we couldn’t eat!

as I understood, Asians love it, middle easterns are so so, and Europeans hate it 😀 what about you? have you ever taste it? let us know your opinion too.

street music played by blind musicians at petronas metro station “The Golden Peninsula” (Ep 10)

Metro stations named by the point about them but you loss lots of things in between by that name! In this episode I’ll show you the facts which are exist between twin towers metro station and twin towers!