Airport taxi-driver kidnapped! “The Golden Peninsula” (Ep 1)

Airports? airports! airports are the land of magic and miracle, isn’t it? Most probably you don’t remember but once upon a time flying was a miracle and it proofs that airports have a miraculous spirit.

When we were on the way to Tehran airport (Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport IKA) to fly to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the taxi driver told us an amazing story of his near-death experience! And when we reached to KL airport, we heard the unbelievable story of north Korean president step brother!

It’s time to stop reading and start watching the first episode of “The Golden Peninsula” travel show!

The Golden Peninsula (Trailer)

This is the trailer of my amazing travel show about Malaysia! called “The Golden Peninsula” which is an old title of Malaysia. They call it “The Golden Peninsula” because Malaysia was the mach point between east and west, and it was a center for trading and cultural transition.

Just keep in mind that the text “coming soon” at the end of this trailer is related to 2017. You can watch over that 30 episodes of this travel show today!